Our growers

Excellent quality. That is our commitment. This is why our growers are continuously working on delivering the best possible products, with careful attention to quality during the entire cultivation process, from seed to harvest. This is how we continuously try to achieve a better product.

Most of our onions growers are located in the provinces of Zeeland, Zuid-Holland, West-Brabant and Flevoland. Dacomex has built up long-term relationships with many of them. When new varieties and resources come onto the market, we work together with our growers to optimise cultivation. Thanks to the short lines and chain traceability, we can guarantee consumer onions that meet the highest quality standards and we can also guarantee the origin of our products.

As one of the biggest Dutch onion exporters, we are always looking for new producers who, like us, attach great importance to quality and a long-term partnership built on trust. Are you a new or existing grower? Dacomex offers various outlets for your produce, but also provides cultivation support. Together we can achieve more! 

Grower Tonny Pot

“We have been working as growers for Dacomex for years. Experience shows us that a cooperation based on trust leads to beneficial results. The short lines with Dacomex ensure reliable and fast processing."

Grower Jacob Branderhorst

“A deal is a deal. By making clear agreements, we can ensure optimal delivery. This enables me to deliver my onions to my loyal buyer Dacomex in the best condition and in a carefree manner."